Roleplay Server Rules
Character Death

If you die your character can't go to to the area where they died until after the battle is over or a minimum of 15 to 20 minutes has passed.

Don't Troll
Roleplaying is a preference of game play. Like any preference, there are those that enjoy it and those that do not. If roleplaying is not your style then don't play on an RP server. 

Out of Character Chat -- Harassment
Out of Character Chat (OOC): It goes without saying, but avoid out of character chat on the role play server. We realize this might be difficult at all times, and an occasional slip will happen. While we won't be actively monitoring out of character chat, if we receive player reports of harassment or blatant disregard for OOC we will take action. 

Naming Conventions

What types of names are off-limits?

Names that are Leet or dudespeak;
Pwny.For.Hire, Umad.Bro
Sentences for names
Iamthe.Destroyerofworlds, Dontturnaround
Pop-culture or real world names that don't fit in Ark
Bieber.The.Young, George.Washington
Swearing, harassment, racism, etc.


Will this roleplay server be PvP or PVE?
Tech 1 Gaming will be a PvP server.

Will you be monitoring names on the roleplay server(s)?
As mentioned we will rely on player reports for admin response to naming on our roleplay server.

I reported a non-roleplay name but the support team didn't change it.
Every report is reviewed, but this is a very difficult policy to enforce because by nature it is based upon opinion. There will be obvious cases but there will be not-so-obvious cases as well. This said, we will do our best to meet and maintain the spirit of roleplay.

What about talking out of character in general chat? 
We do not plan to monitor out of character chat. If someone is using Out of Character
(OOC) chat to continually harass, we'll boot them from the game.

We need to contact the server admin!

Please fill out a support/contact form below and we will review your message within 24 hours.

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